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The Mullock Seal

Lily and Daisy Courie had a shock when they found a seal in the road outside their house at Mullock Bridge on the Dale Road on Sunday morning 10th November.  The seal had presumably come right up The Gann, but why it had come out onto the road and then kept going is a mystery.  Dad (Paul) and Lily aged 6 watched over it and directed motorists whilst mum (Jo) called Sue Burton and Kate Lock in as local marine professionals to help.  By the time Sue and Kate had arrived, the seal was well on its way to Marloes and did not want to turn back!

The young seal was persuaded onto a sheet which was swiftly but carefully gathered up by volunteers to cradle the seal in a 'hammock'.  The seal was then driven straight to Martin's Haven and released on the beach.  It made straight for the water.  An adult male 'bull' seal was in the water and another young seal was already on the beach.  It is hoped that the seal will feed up a bit as it was much smaller than it should have been.  Kate and the Skomer Nature Reserve team have since seen a small black seal on one of the Deer Park beaches, which could be the same one.  If it stays in the area, they will hopefully be able be able to keep an eye on its progress.