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WG site with link to consultation:

click on - related link - "Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) - Potential Site Options for Welsh Waters "

Consultation site:;jsessionid=nL7yPzFT1XhdxqgD pXdL8tpc8zsLBWvQKv239dHWLDmTwzyYhnjy!-856040559?lang=en

Scroll down to the bottom to find the consultation documents

*Consultation document

P72 - 79 for the Skomer bit

P76 - 78 for a table of activities that may be affected

* Document Annex 4 - pp 269 - 272 for a more detailed table of affected activities

* Frequently asked Questions.doc -  is a good document to try and get some answers. this will be updated by WG as needed